This site is about our relationship to ancient Indigenous Mesoamerican   Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies, Rituals, and Traditions that Quetzalcoatl (man/king of the Toltecs) taught his Followers.

Our mission is to educate the Sacred Mushroom Initiate about how to consume Hongos Sagrados in Ancient Toltec Ceremonies and Mazatec/Zapotec Veladas during the night and day. An unfortunate truth about most of the people who have pontificated on using Sacred Mushrooms is that they were never trained by Curanderos or Sabias who traditions existed well before exposure to the 20 Century Technological World.

Our intention is to educate you about how to use and consume Sacred Mushrooms to enter sacred portals for physical and mental healing and divination.  You will learn how consume Sacred Mushrooms to gain the full power and wisdom from the Flowers of The Blood during the Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies.

Many modern mushroom “sages” often suggest eating them in “silent darkness’’ only at night or taking a psilocybin pill on a coach with sleep mask listening to classical music with a medical therapist. This is an   antithesis to the ancient indigenous Sacred Mesoamerican practices based on centuries of Mesoamerican traditions.

The podcast/videos and books recommended at this site will educate you about these ancient pre-Columbian practices and rituals. Another goal is to educate you about genuine Sacred Mushroom and Ayahuasca retreats and trainers who can be trusted to provide more than just an over the top expensive narcissistic ‘Disney Tourist Trip.’

The Retreats and Trainers we acknowledge are tasked with providing lasting benefits utilizing ancient healing spiritual traditions at reasonable fees.  

Recommended books and Facebook groups will be reviewed.

The headings provide links to these sites.

No negative reviews or bad critiques will be found about retreats, trainers, books, or individuals.  The mission is to focus on “what works “and is positive with results within a spiritual framework of entheogenic use of Sacred Mushrooms and Ayahuasca. 

No political or social identity group issues are covered that separate dwelling men and women from the ancient Healing-Divination-Rebirth foundation of Entheogenic Practices of Spirit Plants.

This site is based on the ancient Mesoamerican metaphysics of the Teotl as related to the unmasking of the disguises of reality for healing, divination, and ceremonial and with the ritual use of Entheogens.

Upcoming festivals and events that are noteworthy will be listed.

My personal services and my associate services of Sacred Mushroom and Ayahuasca Sages will be available at this site. Several chapters from my book Sacred Mushroom Rituals, The Search for the Blood of Quetzalcoatl and my new book The Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of The Defied Heart will be online at this site.