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I’m Tom Lane

SACRED MUSHROOM SAGE/GUIDE                                                                       

Bemushroomed Time/Space
for Rebirth/Resurrection

Individual Consultations

Contact me for a personalized experience to create your own Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies 

My Books

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Helping You Access Bemushroomed Wisdom


Tom Lane, author of Sacred Mushroom Rituals — The Search for the Blood of Quetzalcoatl, can help you with discernment and preparation for your Sacred Mushroom Journeys.


Tom will help you navigate the process of understanding the integration of Bemushroomed Time/Space with your life.

I will share my lifelong experience with using Sacred Mushrooms for healing, divination, character development with you.

Tom’s approach is based on Nahua Mesoamerican pre-Columbian and pre-21st Century Sacred Mushroom Veladas.

Tom is one of the last people to have been in a Sacred Mushroom Velada with Maria Sabina. Tom lived with Maria, her daughter Apollonia and the rest of her family as Curanderos in Oaxaca and the mountains of the Sierra Madres de Pacifico in 1973.

Tom has studied and researched this important spiritual discovery  both with archeological records from R. Gordon Wasson, and also using Nahua Mesoamerican Sacred Mushroom Codex’s Pictographs, Steles, Murals and Carvings.

This ancient Sacrament, when used with reverence, can change your life.

Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of the Deified Heart

Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of the Disembodied Eye

Proper Preparation of Sacred Mushroom Sacrament

Integration of Heart, Body and Mind - Sacred Triangle

Introductory Session

45 minutes
Do you have questions about the process? Just want to ask Tom something specific regarding the rituals? This one’s for you!


Basic Session

60 minutes
Ready to dive into the mysteries and wonder of the Sacred Mushroom Ceremony? Try this!




90 minutes

Get to the Heart of the matter! Uncover the secrets to a successful experience.  Designed for maximum success!



Two Hours

Unlock the Key to Sacred Mushroom Deified Heart and Quetzlcoatl ceremonies!



What will you learn?
Who can benefit from these guided journeys?

Tom Lane will instruct and accompany you on your journey of enlightenment and spiritual awareness that uses the model of Sacred Mushroom Sacraments, incorporated with the wisdom and knowledge of his personal experiences with the Curanderos of Mexico.

Anyone seeking a higher spiritual evolution and understanding of their place in this Universe will find Tom’s guidance and expertise of immense personal value.


Create Sacred Mushrooms Ceremonies
Invoke these powerful rituals during the Daytime to reveal and communicate with the Dwelling Spirits in Nature in the Real Garden of Eden before the Tree of Life. 
Create Sunset and Nighttime Ceremonies
Master the energy-motion emanations of Sacred Mushroom Wisdom
Master Syncopation of Simple Breathing
Learn to use the Sacred Triangle to create a physical resurrection of your body/flesh/heart in union with the hyper aware consciousness and unconscious/subconscious mind.  
Awareness of the Avatars of Quetzalcoatl in this parallel Bemushroomed Time/Space.
How to accept them as your friends, comrades and teachers. Unmasking the Disguises of the Avatars   
Understanding the three types of energy motion reciprocal resonant emanations that are “seen” during Sacred Mushroom Viages.

Olin – Oscillating, bouncing emanations
Malinalli – Spiraling, twisting
Nepantha- Weaving, intertwining, entangled

About Me

After leaving his job as a forest ranger on a Hupa Indian Reservation in California, Tom Lane spent nine months in 1973 living in the jungles of Palenque and the Sierra Madres del Pacifico of Oaxaca training with one Curendera and two Curenderos, learning the ancient Sacred Rituals of Healing, Divination, and Spiritual Traveling through Sacred Mushroom ceremonies.

These ancient rituals (which were hidden because of Spanish Religious persecution) are exposed, some for the first time, in this extraordinary journey into the word of the Mayans, Zapotec, and Mazatec.

Written from Tom’s 1973 diary while through-hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 2016, it was originally created for his three sons and adopted Vietnamese daughter. It chronicles his thoughts about this time, and how he met their mother Shirley during a Velada at the home of Maria Sabina during his second excursion to Huautla de Jimenez.

Tom is an internationally acclaimed solar energy trainer and the only solar contractor among the 45 inductees to the International Solar Hall of Fame in 1976.

Books include detailed information on the Sacred Ceremony to meet Quetzalcoatl, the Sacred Graveyard Rituals of the Zapotecs, and the Mayan Fall Ceremony in the jungles of Palenque, as well revealing ancient wisdom of the Priests and Priestesses of Tlaloc and the Aztec Tree of Life.

This ancient knowledge is also written from a current western scientific DNA approach revealing the gifts of the Eagle and Jaguar to mankind.

Includes personal written correspondence as well as a visit and meeting at the home of R. Gordon Wasson in 1986, and new information and media from his archives at the Harvard Botanical Herbaria Library.

This book is a call to create Huxley’s Island in the form of the Zapatista revolution for social change.


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